Most recent publications:

Li, H.Sedgwick, A. C.Li, M.Blackburn, R. A. R.Bull, S. D.Arbault, S.James, T. D. and Sojic, N., 2016. Selective electrochemiluminescent sensing of saccharides using boronic acid-modified coreactant.Chemical Communications, 52 (87), pp. 12845-12848.

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Xu, S.Bai, X.Ma, J.Xu, M.Hu, G.James, T. D. and Wang, L., 2016. Ultrasmall Organic Nanoparticles with Aggregation-Induced Emission and Enhanced Quantum Yield for Fluorescence Cell Imaging.Analytical Chemistry, 88 (15), pp. 7853-7857.

Shcherbakova, E. G.Brega, V.Minami, T.Sheykhi, S.James, T. D. and Anzenbacher, P., 2016. Toward fluorescence-based high-throughput screening for enantiomeric excess in amines and amino acid derivatives. Chemistry – A European Journal, 22 (29), pp. 10074-10080.

Hu, X. L.Zang, Y.Li, J.Chen, G. R.James, T. D.He, X. P. and Tian, H., 2016. Targeted multimodal theranostics:via biorecognition controlled aggregation of metallic nanoparticle composites. Chemical Science, 7 (7), pp. 4004-4008.

Jevglevskis, M.Lee, G. L.Nathubhai, A.James, T.Threadgill, M.Woodman, T. and Lloyd, M., 2016. A convenient colorimetric assay for alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase (AMACR; P504S) and testing for inhibitors.

Jevglevskis, M.Lee, G. L.Nathubhai, A.James, T.Threadgill, M.Woodman, T. and Lloyd, M., 2016. A Convenient Colorimetric Assay for α-Methylacyl-CoA Racemase (AMACR; P504S) and Testing Of Inhibitors. InCancer Research @ Bath 13th symposium, 2016-04-27 – 2016-04-27, University of Bath.

Jevglevskis, M.Lee, G. L.Sun, J.Zhou, S.Sun, X.Kociok-Kohn, G.James, T.Woodman, T. and Lloyd, M., 2016. A Study On The α-Methylacyl-CoA Racemase (AMACR) Elimination Reaction And Its Application To Inhibitor Testing. InCancer Research @ Bath 13th symposium, 2016-04-27 – 2016-04-27, University of Bath.

Gu, K.Xu, Y.Li, H.Guo, Z.Zhu, S.Zhu, S.Shi, P.James, T. D.Tian, H. and Zhu, W.-H., 2016. Real-time tracking and in vivo visualization of β-galactosidase activity in colorectal tumor with a ratiometric near-infrared fluorescent probe. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138 (16), pp. 5334-5340.

Lee, S.Cheng, H.Chi, M.Xu, Q.Chen, X.Eom, C. Y.James, T. D.Park, S. and Yoon, J., 2016. Sensing and antibacterial activity of imidazolium-based conjugated polydiacetylenes. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 77, pp. 1016-1019.

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Jevglevskis, M.Lee, G. L.Sun, J.Zhou, S.Sun, X.Kociok-Kohn, G.James, T. D.Woodman, T. J. and Lloyd, M. D., 2016. A study on the AMACR catalysed elimination reaction and its application to inhibitor testing. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 14 (2), pp. 612-622.

Tickell, D.Lampard, E.Lowe, J.James, T. and Bull, S., 2016. Forthcoming. A Simple Protocol for NMR Analysis of the Enantiomeric Excess of Chiral Diols Using an Achiral Diboronic Acid Template.

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